Effective Tips for Successful Trade Shows and Exhibitions

A trade show is an international exhibition usually organized by a private or government organization to promote the products, services and information of a business. In most trade shows, a large number of visitors attend the event, many of them from outside the business’s country of operation. Thus, it is important to design a trade show that will attract the right kind of audience, something that is unique to your own company and something that will create a buzz and get people talking about it once you arrive at the exhibition. If you are organizing your first trade show, it pays to be prepared. Here are a few tips for successful trade show marketing.

– Prepare Your Trade Show exhibits, including your stand, for close deals. Most trade shows host a variety of close deals, one-of-a-kind offers that are not likely to be seen elsewhere. These opportunities provide you with a unique opportunity to attract and close deals that would be hard to achieve otherwise. When your competitors are giving away the same things that you want to give away, why not let them take part in the show but make them see your unique features? This helps you build brand awareness and position your company as a provider of truly unique goods and services.

– Keep your message short and sweet. Keep your message short yet clear, always making use of action words such as “buy now”, “free”, “learn now”, “save now” and other similar phrases. This allows the attendees to get to know you quickly and to remember you as they will see your logo, banners, giveaways and other promotional items. You can also try other types of advertising such as giving out free samples or free training or workshops to attend. The more unique elements you add to your giveaway, the better your chances of attracting new customers!

– Avoid showing outdated or unproductive information. One of the worst mistakes you can make is using outdated or unproductive information to promote your business at trade shows. Instead of focusing on what you have to offer, choose to highlight the unique qualities that your company offers and how customers will benefit from buying it. Most of the time, companies at trade shows will display brochures or sample products that demonstrate how your products work. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try handing out only those products or providing a demonstration to your attendees.

– Focus on one particular industry. You must remember that not every single company attending a trade show or exhibition will be representing your product in your promotional activities. In fact, many companies who are most interested in grabbing your custom are those that specialize in the particular industry you are trying to reach. It is therefore important to concentrate on that industry and only that industry when you attend trade shows. You must not leave yourself exposed to possible competition from other companies who are representing products that can be used in your customer’s everyday life.

– Be flexible. Trade shows and exhibitions are not only places where you put on your displays and try to sell them to as many people as possible. You will also encounter other companies that are interested in doing business with you. You therefore need to be open to all types of contacts and relationships in order to expand your company and increase your market share.

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