Navigating the Future of Exhibiting in a Digital World

Virtual trade shows provide companies with a valuable opportunity to demonstrate new technology to an engaged audience that can test it firsthand. Clear video and audio are essential, along with uniform branding to make a booth pop out from its peers.

Virtual events provide vendors from around the globe with an easy way to participate. This gives them access to a global audience.

Digital Brochures

Virtual trade shows offer exhibitors access to a broad pool of prospects, making them a prime platform for growing prospect lists and cultivating long-term relationships. Virtual booths can feature engaging content such as presentations or marketing videos designed to attract attendees beyond the event itself and foster brand recognition beyond its duration.

vFairs’ virtual trade show platform makes document hosting easy, enabling exhibitors to provide prospects with valuable content – like brochures, sales collateral and PDFs – that can be easily viewed without downloading software or apps on any device. This eliminates costly venue rental and makes storing and distributing event materials much simpler for attendees.

Floor Layout

Virtual trade shows provide businesses with an invaluable way to showcase their products and services to a global audience. Attendees enjoy networking with vendors while exhibitors benefit from powerful lead generation capabilities to increase ROI.

Event organizers can also keep their platform active after an event has concluded, providing participants with a place where they can continue the dialogue they began at in-person events. This provides a sense of ongoing value not possible otherwise.

Understand what attendees and vendors want from a virtual event before planning an engaging online experience that gives them what they desire! By understanding this aspect of planning virtual events, you will create an event with value for all!

Pre-Event Survey

Event surveys provide invaluable data regarding your event’s success and areas that require improvement. For optimal results, ask questions that provoke thought – the key to creating impactful surveys!

One simple question which can be answered using multiple choice or matrix questions is “Would you like to rate how satisfied were with the overall experience?

Asking attendees questions such as these allows you to identify which experiences were the most enjoyable, which will enable you to prioritize these when planning future events. Furthermore, asking such questions allows attendees to feel like their feedback matters and they feel valued – two factors which could increase attendance rates at future events.

Audio & Visual Checks

Virtual trade shows (VTSs) are events held digitally that resemble physical exhibitions and connect businesses with an international audience. VTSs can help businesses increase sales, foster relationships and gain industry insights.

Interactivity is central to virtual trade show success, necessitating careful planning and flawless implementation.

vFairs event management software features tools like meeting schedulers and spatial networking to facilitate interaction and help attendees and exhibitors meet their goals. To increase engagement, organizers should promote the event via social media channels or newsletters and use feedback collection as an ROI metric for virtual trade shows.

Create a Plan

Virtual trade shows present vendors with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate new products. Unlike in-person trade show booths, these online events can be reached from any device and run using platforms that let exhibitors customize their space with branding capabilities and provide e-commerce capabilities.

Organizers can utilize pop-up notifications to quickly notify attendees about live updates without disrupting or spamming others. This method ensures a more engaging event experience for attendees and can directly target specific segments without overfilling email inboxes with irrelevant notifications.

Advanced lead capture tools, such as digital contact card dropboxes, user search and filters, chat queues can make connecting and collecting leads for attendees easier – helping to boost registrations while increasing engagement rates at an event.

Schedule Appointments

Virtual trade shows can provide all of the same advantages of an in-person trade fair: booths, networking opportunities and educational sessions – but with more flexibility as to timing, global reach and cost-efficiency.

Online registration offers exhibitors an easy and efficient means of lead generation, and tools such as digital contact card dropboxes, search and filtering functions and chat queue management make connection, interaction and follow-up easier than ever after an event has concluded. This ensures the highest return on investment from each investment made at such events.

Virtual and hybrid events are also data-driven events, producing comprehensive event reports for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers that can be used to optimize future events. Utilizing this wealth of insights will allow you to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement.

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