The Essence of Management is Organizational Function Management

What exactly is Management? Management is the management of an organization, be it a private firm, a government agency, or an international organization. It includes the decision-making process of resources, and how those resources are used to best promote the interests of the entity in which they are used. There are many different aspects to the management of a firm, but there are four main functions that all managers must perform: planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling. All other tasks may be required by the situation, but these four are the most important. The person who holds the title of manager has a responsibility for the overall success of the firm, and must be skilled at all four aspects of management.

Planning is the planning of how the firm will function, what resources it will have, and who will be involved in the management and leadership of the firm. Organization is how the various components of the firm will be put together. Staffing is allocating resources to the various projects and teams involved. Controlling is how those project teams and projects are managed. The key skills necessary to be a good manager are good organizational and planning skills, effective staffing skills, and good management ideas.

Planning and organizing are related but must be separated in order to allow for the necessary flexibility that is necessary in an evolving organization. An effectively organized system can adapt to any change that occurs without changing its fundamental structure. Therefore, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of organizational effectiveness, organizing and controlling must be practiced alongside planning. Both must be done in parallel with one another in order to ensure that everything is properly organized and controlled, and that all goals and objectives are being achieved.

A crucial part of getting things done in a business is the implementation of a management definition of the organization. A management definition is a description of the goals of the business, as well as a description of the means to achieving those goals. Each element of the management definition should be examined to identify whether it is on target, and whether it is aligned with the organizational vision. In addition, each team involved in the process of getting things done must have a stake in the management definition, to ensure that the implementation of the plan and the implementation of its elements are in line with the management vision.

Getting things done is not enough. They must be well-organized and controlled in order to be successful. This is why an effective management system is an integral part of any organization. No matter what the specific function or industry in which the company operates, if the goals of the company are not properly aligned, the results will not be satisfactory.

The essence of getting things done is also to set objectives and a management definition that are aligned with the organizational objectives. Having these two things are in place is an important first step in the process of achieving those objectives. Then, when the means to achieving those objectives are found, the proper organization and management practices must be employed so that they are effective. This combination – effective utilization and an effective utilization process – is the formula for success.

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