5 Email Marketing Essentials

Email marketing is a low-cost digital marketing strategy and it is a good channel to generate leads, relationships and brand awareness.

1. This method is very useful nowadays due to the increasing numbers of Internet users and mobile phone users so that people are always on their devices.

2. There are few steps proceeding to send out emails to potential customer. We can create a mailing list in which we can get their email if they want to receive information from us or interested in our products. Furthermore, there are many applications to assist us to set the correct time to send out the email, although not too many at the same time and ask them to fill in a short survey question to get their feedback and to keep update with the latest news.

3. For small business like my company, this digital strategy can generate tons of leads. The sales increase dramatically. People start to know us.

4. However, nowadays there are many new spam emails or emails which are asked permission to contact us but we do not have any idea about them to decide whether we want to receive this type of information or not. For me, I check those emails only when I want to buy some products.

5. Any other comments about the effectiveness of using this digital marketing strategy to increase sales?

6. In personal opinion, the main reason why send emails to the customers is that it is very cheap and quickly. We do not need to spend a lot of money to print marketing leaflets to customers.

Tailor your email communication to each subscriber: it’s great to make it feel like you’re talking to a specific person. For example, you can try including the person’s name in the subject line or by creating an automated welcome series for new list members.

Invest in a good email marketing platform

An email marketing tool means you can gather subscriber data – such as demographics, interests and behaviours – which can be used to generate more targeted campaign content for subscribers. An effective email marketing campaign could boost traffic to a website and increase conversions while still being one of the least expensive ways of reaching new and existing customers. It’s a convenience that applies equally to other international laws and regulations – email marketing platforms can now make it very easy for you to stay legal; in fact, that’s the first thing you’re asked about when you start setting up your communication systems. In a business environment that’s becoming increasingly global, adhering to the law is going to be crucial.

Create a compelling email design

The design of an email must not only attract subscribers but also engage them. Formatting must be attractive and informative. Use images, illustrations, patterns, textures, icons and emojis to add visual appeal to your presentation. Include text on your slides to help viewers with or without hearing disabilities understand your concept when peers give presentations using your slides. Ask your teacher to allow you to spell out words on captions to accommodate your visual and auditory needs. Include structure, separate items into two or three columns, and use alt text for images so that the text describes what appears in the image – when emails arrive into Yahoo Mail or other clients that don’t load images, the email will make sense.

Create a call-to-action (CTA) button

Emails must have just one high ‘impact feeling’ call-to-action (CTA) button, meaning that the eye can easily avoid it, but on the other hand it must be highly visible, talked about and felt. No more than five CTAs in one email or your ‘recipient’ may become an unintentional ‘unsubscriber’. Switch up the button copy, too. If you tend to style your Ecommerce CTAs with ‘Shop Now’ buttons, ‘Take the leap’ might appeal to people who prefer to be risk-takers. And TA DA! Give your CTA some color! See Canva Color Wheel to discover complementary hues and design ideas quickly.

Include a hero image

Hero images are large images that immediately grab the visitors’ attention to present your value proposition in a visual and meaningful way. It could be static or dynamic. Product hero shots are probably the easiest kind of hero image to create and use. Think of retailers and tech companies, but they can be used for everyone. HTML gives the semantic function, CSS the visual effect. With CSS you can filter a layer or make a word bold.

Make your emails responsive

Responsive email can be a real challenge to read for someone who was not expecting it. If it feels too different, it could even make them unsubscribe. One of the strategies you can implement to make your emails responsive is single-column design. The style lends themselves to easy reading on mobile phones while protecting the integrity of your design – and more importantly for you, the subscribers, the style makes it easier to click on your links and navigate through your site. Take extra care if you use text that is exclusively in image format. It looks lovely, but it hampers the loading of emails, and can appear poorly formatted on the smaller screens of some smartphones.

Personalize your emails

Very few things will make subscribers feel more addressed than email personalisation, including using their name in your subject line and showing them that the email is specifically for them. Use data about them – their purchase history or viewing habits – to tailor your emails just for them, and to give them a bit of the feeling that the experience they are having actually matters to you. Send them something based on that data.

Include a link to your website

Use links in emails to motivate subscribers to visit your site and engage with your content. Done right, and you’ll enhance open rates on your emails as well as clickability and conversions. Make sure that the text of all your email links is readable and that it clearly describes where the subscriber will land when they click or tap – no point in confusing them with misleading or too sophisticated clicks or taps. Also, test and check them regularly to make sure that they’re still working.

Create a landing page

Some refer to them as ‘landing pages’: focused websites designed for one purpose, like collecting email addresses in a database or selling a product. They can also be used to promote special deals or contests. Whatever your goal is, try to keep your landing page clean and focused; stuffing your stream with too much information could cause the stream to slow down or even dry up, defeating your very purpose. Such social proof tactics as testimonials or awards (as social evidence) should be placed on the landing pages (to earn better ranking in internet search engines). A significant boost in the performance of SEO can be gained from the creation of landing pages that are tailored to the specific search keyword and used for achieving higher ranking in search engines.

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