Case Study : Podcasts

Confession : I am a podcast junkie.

I received a pair of bluetooth headphones for Christmas and typically have them around my neck for a few hours everyday, especially when I’m doing physical work like farm chores, gardening, or mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, if I try to do these things with my phone in my back pocket, the connection with my headphones gets “sporadic static” (that’s the official term, of course).  I’ve heard of this happening to others (especially my friends in the construction world), and fixing the issue either requires me to move my phone to my front pocket (where it does not fit) or putting it down someplace (where I will forget it). Instead, I wear my Murray Belt so that I can move without limitation and keep a strong connection with my headphones.

If you’re interested, a few of my all-time favorites include Up First, Milk Street Radio, Katie Couric, Proof to Product, Pod Save America, and Death, Sex, and Money. My latest obsessions include Spirit of 608 (FEST!), The Habitat (docu-series on a simulated Mars mission in Hawaii), Armchair Expert (Dax Shepherd’s long-form interview pod), and Happier (Gretchen Rubin and her sister talk habits and happiness), and Here’s the Thing (Alec Baldwin medium-form interview pod).


Margaret Murray B.