Case Study : Late Night Visit to the Doctor

Last Tuesday morning, my son developed a rash on his belly. By lunch it had worsened, and after his bath we discovered that his entire stomach was swollen and firm and decided to call the nurse’s line at our doctor’s office at 8pm.  Without hesitation, they said “You need to come in and see the Doctor immediately.”  I’m generally cool under pressure but knew this could be a serious issue and had to quickly get him out of the bath, in to jammies and on the road. While doing so, I ran through a mental inventory of the next few hours… Will we be sent home after 5 minutes? Would we be there for an hour while they run tests? Is it possible they will send us to the hospital for an emergency surgery?


I knew the first option was the most likely, but I needed to be prepared for options B and C. The thought of carrying my sleepy 2.5 year old through a hospital late in to the evening made me realize I did not want to carry a purse with me (I was still dressed in my pre-dinner workout clothes). Instead, I threw on my Murray Belt and headed out the door. I was able to keep both of my hands completely free all evening so that I could focus on his care from car to office to pharmacy, knowing my phone, wallet, and keys were on my body and not on the counter of the Doctor’s office. When we arrived home later that night, I carried my sleepy son straight in to his crib and felt very grateful for a clean bill of health.



Margaret Murray B.

PS – Here is my sons own personal Murray Belt creation…