Why Marisa Uses a Murray Belt

My dear friend Marisa is a very talented wedding planner in the Charlottesville area producing beautiful events year-round.  She pre-ordered a few Murray Belts for her team and has this to say :

“My team and I have been struggling with how to combine form with function at our events for years. Dresses with pockets was the best thing we had come up with but that left for lots of room for error. Things easily fall out of dress pockets and it limited what we were able to wear at our events. Enter the Murray Belt — more secure than having a purse on your shoulder, much more flattering than a fanny pack, and rock solid function to keep all the items you need to efficiently execute your events with ease and class. I’ve purchased one for each of my staff members and we’ll never do another event without our Murray Belts. It’s a genius idea that I wish had been created years ago! “