Case Study : Errands with a Murray Belt

plural noun: errands
  • a short journey undertaken in order to deliver or collect something, often on someone else’s behalf.

I’ve always loved the word errand.  The word itself casts such a wide net and mean something different to everyone.  Sometimes they are fun (picking up photos at the printer, swinging by the bakery for birthday treats, or snagging an online order pickup at your favorite clothing store) and sometimes they are not so fun (dry cleaning, veterinary stop for your dogs medications, or dropping off a meal for a grieving friend).

If I ever have a batch of errands to do I always wear my Murray Belt with two Stations – one for my phone and one for my credit cards/ID and keys.  I can quickly hop in and out of the car without grabbing a purse, keep my hands free to carry returns and boxes in and out of stores, and never have to fumble for by debit card when I’m in the drive-through ATM.


Margaret Murray B.